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Yes, yes, yes! Thoughts about safewords

October 9, 2009 2 comments

Well I’ve been working on this for a while. It’s a long one but I think I got out what I needed to. I wanted to elaborate on something I touched on briefly in my post about Kapital Kink:

Someone expressed the opinion that if a bottom doesn’t safeword, a top is absolved of responsibility for their actions, which made me want to scream for various different reasons. It made me feel good that other people challenged him about this, because actually I think that idea is flat out Wrong and Dangerous.  (And this I know from hard Experience which I will not relate here.)

Let’s start from basic principals. What’s a safeword? A safeword is a word that means “no” or “stop” in a context when it has been agreed that “no” doesn’t mean “no”.

I find it weird that many folk seem to consider a safeword essential to power play.  Personally, my kink is on giving away control, so when I say “no” it usually means “no”.  When I get to know someone better, and I think they know me enough, I might want to go to a place where I would say “no” but still maintain consent.  But to me that is much more intimate, and demands the top or Dom to have a much better understanding of me. As I see it, this goes contrary to the conventional wisdom, some of which contends that a safeword is critical at the beginning, but can be dropped more safely as a rapport is created.

(This post focuses mainly on safewords in regards to pain play. It is written from my experience as a submissive bottom masochist.) Read more…


I told you I love stationary products

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

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I know you will

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hurt me

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Desire to please

July 8, 2009 Leave a comment

So I was in my bedroom with a boy.  He was in his underwear holding his hands behind his head and I was wanting to learn more about him.  I asked him why he was interested in submission.  He told me it is because he likes pleasing, he likes making people happy.

Now as a dominant I like to be made happy.  But part of the game is that I’m difficult to please.  I put before a submissive new demands, harder demands.  I am pleased when I know he is doing something he would not normally do.  I like it when he extends himself, goes beyond his comfort zone, and even finds pleasure where he may not have previously.  I like it when there is no pleasure for him but in my smile and my approval.

Really, if all he wanted was to please, you’d be much better off with a vanilla girlfriend.  He could treat her well and listen respectfully and eat her pussy and maintain good personal hygiene, and that would do it.  Easier.  Pleasing me as a dominant is more difficult because I will ask a lot, and then when that is given, I will ask for more.  Making me happy involves dressing the way I want, standing the way I want, touching himself and me exactly how I say.  It involves letting me take an hour to tie him up, then to untie him.  But the exchange is that I will be very clear.  I will say, “Stand up straight.” There is no guessing, no looks meant to convey my desires.  I will say, “I want you to feel this.  Will you accept?” instead of using guilt and passive aggressive manipulation.  Then I will hurt him, and he will cry out and grimace, and I will smile.

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July 3, 2009 1 comment

I usually only read erotica with male dominants and submissive women.  I have been doing this for about a decade now and I know how to find what I want.  I don’t have to think much about reading it because I know all the stories.

I just read an article by Matisse at Filthy Gorgeous Things describing her kinky lovemaking.  How gorgeous and sexy it is.  Making me reconsider my tastes.

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Craft time

May 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Well I still do not have Internet at my new home.  Which is why I have so little to say lately.  Generally I have been quite well occupied by school and settling in as well.

I have taken up crochet.  You can’t tell too well form the picture, but this is a vulva:

crochet vag

Also I made two floggers.  I seem to be just about out of people on which to try them out.  Hopefully someone wanders through my life soon.  Have a couple of possibilities in the works.  But we’ll see.

The top one is made out of some seude pants I got from a rummage sale at a church for about $1 and it soft and gentle.  The bottom one is made of old bike tubes and is really mean.

The top one is made out of some seude pants I got from a rummage sale at a church for about $1 and it soft and gentle. The bottom one is made of old bike tubes and is really mean.

I need a real digital camera so I don’t ahve to take these pictures holding my laptop over things.  They are really hard to line up that way.

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Nipple clamps

April 24, 2009 4 comments

Well I have wanted nipple clamps for about 10 years now.  I thought, OK I have waited long enough.  These are cheap, unadjustable and harsh….  I will get used to them, but will my men?



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