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Consent makes sex better

December 5, 2009 2 comments

This is what a man looks like puts it well:

Asking and being asked keeps me present, keeps me feeling my body and my sweetheart’s body.  I’ve found that when explicit consent is not present, I’ll start to leave or wander the labyrinth of my mind.  Oh, but then there’s asking.  When I ask, I’m acknowledging what I want, and I connect with my hands, with my mouth, with my whole body to my mind.  When I’m asked, I’m able to be fully in the moment, with my whole being saying “Yeah I want to,” instead of “Sure, I could tolerate that.”  It feels so powerful to own my desires and say them out loud, and to hear my lovers say their desires for me out loud.  This is taking back the power that was taken from me, over my body and my sexuality.

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