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Spoke butches up

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey remember back when this website was an endless cascade of me tying myself up and posting pictures? Well that’s what most people still come here for, according to my logs.  I like to think that my musings on sex and gender would be enough to hold anyone’s attention but I am nerdy that way.  Well, since I have access to a  camera with a remote control for a limited (soon to be concluded) time I thought I would take some sunny self bondage photos.

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My bookshelf right now

December 5, 2009 2 comments
All the books I'm reading right now

All the books I'm reading right now

  • Terry Pratchett, Thud!
  • Donald A Norton, The Design of Everyday Things
  • Anne Fausto-Sterling, Sexing the Body (on loan from the gracious S)
  • Judith Halberstam, Female Masculinity (also via S)
    I really want to read this but so far it’s as thick as molasses.
  • Julia Serano, Whipping Girl
    Actually I just finished this book.  I can’t even remember the last time I got to the very end of a full-length book. Highly recommended.
  • Thomas More, Utopia
    This book is so short, but at the half-way point it is pretty boring
  • Susan Stryker, Transgender History (courtesy of the Toronto Public Library)
    Reese Kelly has a good review of this on his YouTube, which has inspired me to pick it back up.
  • Original Plumbing
    A great zine about trans men
  • Inga Muscio, Autobiography of a Blue-eyed Devil (from the TPL)
    This book looks promising but I will probably have to return it to the library before I read it.  I might buy a copy sometime though so I can read it when I’m in the mood.
  • Jean Bobby Nobel, Sons of the Movement: FtMs Risking Incoherence on a Post-Queer Cultural Landscape
    This book is exactly as academic as the title suggests.  I ploughed through some of it but was unable to find much of use.
  • Patrick Califia, Macho Sluts
    So much introductory material the first story doesn’t start until page 73! It’s a very interesting introduction though, and the stories are worth the wait.
  • Emily White, Fast Girls
    Uninspiring, from the TPL
  • Barbara Ehrenreich, Bright Sided
    Started reading this hoping to justify by generalized crumugenliness, however the arguments presented so far have logical errors and I would be embarrassed to repeat them in conversation.  Disappointing from the woman who once wrote Witches, Midwives and Nurses, a booklet which as far as I can see is now distributed exclusively in zine form.
  • Robert E Penn, The Gay Man’s Wellness Guide
  • Michael Manning, The Spider Garden
  • Kevyn Aucoin, Making Faces


November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

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Cute chest harness

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I made this harness the other day. It’s not quite ready for action but I liked the idea so I thought I’d stick it up.

Cute chest harness

Cute chest harness

Outside view of my table and I, part 2

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment

(Continuing from Part 1)

So I turned my table upside down and sat my bum on a wee cushion.  Then I got to attaching myself.  I started with my leg, cause I like to be akward.  Then my torso, so I was swinging like this:


Here I am trying to balance myself in this silly position. 00023Well, I solved that problem with more rope.  This was actually super comfy.  Here you can see my arms are behind my back and I am easily leaning back.  I was pretty happy with that! 🙂

00025From the top


Just one more00032And then it was time to untie. 🙂

00034Thanks again so much to BigLogan for providing me with such nice, non blurry pics. 🙂

Outside view of me and my table part 1

September 24, 2009 1 comment

Well I have been complaining about the limits of self photography long enough, so I finally got someone else to take pictures of me.  BigLogan obliged me. 🙂  Played with my special table some more.  Geeze I love this thing.  I was able to pull my torso up off the ground a little bit, which I tried to do last time but couldn’t.  Two things I did better this time where: put my weight in the middle of the table instead of to the edge (duh.) and to position my body facing the side a bit instead of straight up, so the weight is not on the middle of my chest harness.

I have to say that I tied myself in ways that I would not tie someone else.  These photos are not representative of the care I’d take with someone else.  I felt ok being a bit dangerous because I am able to tell what’s going on so well.

From the top

From the top. I don't beleive I was supporting any weight on that arm, just resting it there.

00009 (Modified)

The Fat Cat wondering what the hell his mommy is up to

From the side

From the side

Partial suspension

Partial suspension

And then after all that, I moved my centre of gravity and let myself fall back.  Actually after this was done I swung myself back upright.

And then after all that, I moved my centre of gravity and let myself fall back. Actually after this was done I swung myself back upright.

As always, the rest of the pictures from this roll are available on my PicasaWeb account.  In a day or two I’ll put up the second roll we took.

I tied myself to my table again

September 23, 2009 1 comment

00009 (Modified)00012