(Updated June 28 2009.)

Hello. I am a kinky anarchist feminist. I have been kinky my whole life, feminist and anarchist for several years now. At first I found them to conflict with each other but now I have worked it all out, and there is peace and consistency once more.

A spokewrench is a tool which is used in bike mechanics. It is used to tweak the nipples (the bit which connects the spokes to the rim) in order to true the wheel. Since I am made truer by tweaking my nipples I thought it was appropriate.

I have always identified as a submissive. I have found it very difficult to find the right person to play with this. I am not a picky eater, but I am definitely a picky sub.

I got interested in tying ropes because I was being tied up, and it felt great. I love learning new technical skills and this didn’t look like it was too hard to get started in. I started this blog as a way to track my progress. Also I find myself more motivated to do things if there are a few other people paying attention. (I like to pretend there are people other than myself reading this. 😉 ) Some things you can expect to find on this website are:

  • Photos (and the occasional video) of me tying myself up for educational purposes.  I like to think of this as a special kind of porn which contains no nudity, no faces, and only one person, yet is quite sexy.
  • The art I make when I am thinking of something sexy and need to get it out
  • My writing about sexuality, kink, feminism
  • Pictures and words from elsewhere on the internet
  • Things I have done, things I have learned
  • Instructions for how to do stuff in the event that I have anything to teach
  • Maybe one day pictures of other people I have tied up

Learning to top with ropes has lead me to the obvious conclusion of learning to top in other ways, and I am learning to dominate as well. Much to my surprise, I now identify as a switch. Six months ago I would have laughed at this idea! Now I am

If you would like to contact me privately, please email spokewench@gmail.com. If you are on FetLife (which you ought to be if you are kinky) I can also be found there as spokewench.

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